Labour MP Barry Gardiner awkwardly touches Chuka Umunna's arm during Newsnight interview

The past few weeks in British politics has made things even more unpredictable than ever after 11 MPs broke away from their respective parties to for the Independent Group.

Eight former Labour MPs and three Tory MPs have formed the group, with the likes of Chuka Umunna and Anna Soubry fronting the small clan of pro-EU rebels.

Understandable tensions have been a little awkward between the respective parties since the formation of the group and things weren't exactly friendly between Umunna and shadow trade secretary Barry Gardiner on BBC Newsnight on Monday.

Their appearance on the show came just hours after Labour confirmed that they would be backing a second referendum. During their conversation, Emily Maitlis asked Gardiner if the Independent Group had 'scared Labour.'

Gardiner wasn't too impressed with that remark.

No, no, no. Don't give me that,

Nice man [Umunna] though he may be...

During his comeback to the BBC host, Gardiner gave Umunna a gentle tap on the arm, which the MP for Streatham seemed to take exception to and noticeable stiffened and looked down at where Gardiner's hand had been.

This small instances lasted only a matter of seconds but Twitter was quick to notice it and found it absolutely hilarious.

This from Mikey Smith of The Mirror is unquestionably the best.

Jokes aside, many Twitter users pointed out that it was completely inappropriate for Gardiner to have touched Umunna in such a manner.

HT Mirror

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