A BBC journalist’s broadcast was interrupted by a heckler who she later branded misogynistic, adding: “It’s not funny. Just calling it out.”

While reporting on a waste collection strike for BBC South East, reporter Fiona Irving was interrupted by a group of men shouting and laughing.

As they jumped in front of the camera, one can be heard shouting: “F**k her right in the p*ssy”.

The men attempted to imitate a viral video that first circulated in 2014 in which a man “videobombs” a reporter by saying the same vulgar phrase. The original video was revealed to be a hoax once the creator spoke out.

Tweeting after the broadcast, Irving said: “Reporting live on the refuse collectors strike in Brighton today when around 7 men jumped in front of the camera shouting aggressive and threatening terms. It’s not funny. It’s misogynistic. Just calling it out.”

Since Sarah Everard’s case concluded last week, society’s attitude towards women has been in the spotlight.

Just two days ago, the prime minister ruled out making misogyny a hate crime because it would overload the police. Instead, he said police should instead focus on enforcing the laws we already have.

The Twitter user who uploaded the BBC clip wrote: “Women presenter has these fine upstanding young Brighton chaps screaming about sexual violence and pussy. And they thinks it’s all a laugh to do it on live TV.

“Women at work, women out shopping, women just living our lives and it’s endless. Never ending stream of hate. On TV. Off TV. And they think it’s funny. And you think it’s something you can ignore.”

She added: “Just for future reference, this is misogyny” and tagged Dominic Raab, who yesterday clearly showed he has no idea what “misogyny” means.

Maybe the Tories would make misogyny a hate crime, if the justice secretary knew the meaning of the word.

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