BBC presenter says niece’s surprise party was ‘success’ after live TV blunder

BBC presenter says niece’s surprise party was ‘success’ after live TV blunder
Kawser Quamer reassured her viewers that her niece’s surprise birthday party had been a ‘huge success’ (BBC/PA)

A BBC presenter who revealed her niece was being thrown a surprise party on live television has said the bash was a “huge success” despite her “unintentional gaffe”.

BBC Weather’s Kawser Quamer let slip her niece was to be given a surprise birthday bash while discussing her weekend plans live on air with presenter Annabel Tiffin, accidentally ruining the big reveal.

The moment, which left both presenters laughing, garnered national news attention and caused a stir on X, formerly Twitter, as fellow BBC presenters shared their reactions and viewers voiced their concerns that the surprise may be ruined.

Posting on X in the early hours of Monday morning, Quamer said: “My gag order has now been lifted – and I can safely reveal my niece’s surprise birthday party this evening was a huge success!

“I was nearly disowned and dubbed the ‘Tom Holland’ of my ‘Marvel’-ous family -but all’s well that ends well and she WAS genuinely surprised!!”

Spider-Man actor Holland has previously come under fire for accidentally revealing spoilers for films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The TV and radio presenter said that while her niece ended up seeing the video clip circulating online, her family had thrown a separate surprise party the week prior which luckily threw her off the scent.

Quamer posted: “She did end up seeing the video and some news coverage too – but lucky for me, we had successfully thrown another niece, her younger cousin, a surprise 16th party last week – so this niece thought I was talking about that party instead – and we happily did not correct her! Phew.

“Anyway – THANK YOU for your wonderful interest, concern, comments and kind birthday wishes.

“I am so grateful my poor unintentional gaffe did not ruin my niece’s special day!

“She laughed so much she cried! This will definitely be a birthday that NONE of us will forget!”

Replying to Quamer’s post, BBC South News journalist Edward Sault wrote: “It was brilliant, Kawser! So pleased you all had a great weekend.”

BBC Wales journalist Sue Charles added: “Absolutely brilliant, Kawser. And solidarity… we’ve all been there while ad-libbing!”

BBC North West shared a clip of the moment to X where Quamer sat down with Tiffin for a casual chat following the end of her weather report.

After revealing she would be attending her niece’s surprise party over the weekend, Tiffin replied: “Oh that’s lovely. But not a surprise if she’s watching this.”

The pair burst out laughing, with Quamer saying: “Oh goodness me, I’ve spoiled the surprise.”

BBC North West captioned the clip: “Don’t worry @KawserQuamer there’s only several hundred thousand watching live on TV and millions more have seen it here on X!

“Happy birthday to your niece!”

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