Ben Shapiro appears to forget Trump is a Republican during rant about Obama

Ben Shapiro appears to forget Trump is a Republican during rant about Obama

During an extraordinary rant about Barack Obama, the American conservative political commentator Ben Shapiro appeared to forget that President Donald Trump is a Republican.

Shapiro criticised the democrats on Monday for the suggestion that impeaching Trump might be a logical next step.

The commentator felt this was unfair since apparently not a “single major Republican figure” questioned the legitimacy of Obama’s presidency.

Confused? You should be. His exact words were:

I’m not aware of a single major Republican figure who said that Barack Obama was not the legitimate president of the United States. Despite the fact that Democrats have claimed that George W. Bush was illegitimate.

They’ve claimed that Donald Trump is illegitimate. So this is just not true! And doubts about Barack Obama’s belief system came from Barack Obama being an extraordinarily radical figure.

Barack Obama said he wanted to fundamentally transform the country. That’s a pretty radical statement!

It's hard to argue that the President is not a major Republican figure and Trump, let's not forget, is the man who launched his political career with the absurd notion that Obama is not an American citizen.

Shapiro has since attempted to hit back at the criticism stating that in his opinion, Trump was only a fringe Republican when these claims about Obama were being made, despite Trump promoting this conspiracy since 2011.

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