'Trail of destruction' Berlin crash described in detail by witness John Barrowman

The actor witnessed the crash in West Berlin

Getty/Sky News

John Barrowman has spoken about the ‘trail of destruction' he witnessed after a car ploughed into pedestrians in Berlin, killing at least one person and injuring dozens more.

Local police confirmed the incident happened on Rankestrasse, near the Kurfuerstendamm shopping boulevard in the west of the city.

A spokesperson for Berlin’s fire service told Reuters around 30 people were injured. Five of them are said to have life threatening injuries, according to the fire services.

“A man is believed to have driven into a group of people. It is not yet known whether it was an accident or a deliberate act,” police said

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Barrow was at the scene with his husband Scott Gill, and he has spoken about the horrific scene in an interview with Sky News.

"The person came on the pavement by the Levi store and the bank, then drove onto the street, hit the person and killed them in the street, then came back onto the kerb, went down the kerb, through the cafe area and then into the storefront," he said.

"How horrible that this morning these people got up to just go through a regular day, they were going through their daily business. I mean we were shopping, but if you think if we'd have come out of that store one minute earlier..."

The actor added: "We are no experts but this looks intentional - by the way the car went on the pavement.”

The horrific incident took place on Rankestrasse in the west of the citySean Gallup/Getty Images

Gill added: “There were chairs and tables smashed on the pavement - just a trail of destruction. You could see the car had zig-zagged on and off the pavement on the way down."

"For the first 10-20 minutes it was just sheer chaos. We walked right through it without really realising what was happening."

Barrowman went on to say: "We are quite shocked. To see people hurt, people who were just innocent and the senseless destruction by whoever has caused this.

"Whoever has done this is a horrible, horrible person... it is just a vicious thing to do.”

It was later revealed that the driver of the car that hit a crowd of pedestrians is a 29-year-old German-Armenian man with dual citizenship, Berlin police has confirmed.

Berlin mayor Franziska Giffey tweeted that she was “deeply shocked by this incident.”

“I am deeply affected by this incident. We know that there is one dead and several seriously injured. The police are working flat out to clarify the matter,” she said.

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