This die-hard Beyoncé fan has spent 8 years looking after a tiny stone that fell off her dress

A true Beyonce stan has most likely won the Olympic games of fandom with this confession.

A Twitter user has gone viral after revealing that he has kept, and preserved, the stones from her dress after he grabbed them from the audience section eight years ago.

After attending Revel Presents: Beyonce Live in 2012 the fan was literally touched by Queen Bey and went home to keep the debris from her jewelled dress in a ziplock. How practical?

With a picture of the evidence and his point of view as Beyonce performed in front of him, the software engineer posted his memory on Twitter and delighted members of the Bey Hive with his very bizarre, but relatable revelation.

Let's all be honest, if you had the rare opportunity to touch your idol, with consent, would you not do all that you can to hold to any physical evidence of the moment?

So many questions though. Did he have to walk with his hands in the air to ensure he got home safely with the stones?

He did answer one popular query regarding Beyonce's safety during the ordeal. He confirmed that he did not yank her, because God forbid the Queen was harmed, but that the stones had dropped on the floor in front of him as she danced.

Turns out that this fan is not alone. Many others started sharing their keepsakes after meeting her or sharing the same precious oxygen as her.

Another social media user admitted to keeping the shirt they were wearing when she splashed him with water during the Formation tour in 2016.

Meanwhile, this concert-goer is still holding on to pieces from her set design.

The tweet has also left people nostalgic for the times they have been blessed enough to see her perform.

Beyhive citizens can do more than reminiscing about Beyonce as she has announced she is releasing a visual album very soon.

The movie was apparently born during Beyoncé’s work on the 2019 film The Lion King, in which she played Nala.

At the time, Bey released The Lion King: The Gift, a full-length album that accompanied the film and featured collaborations with African musicians including WizKid and Burna Boy.

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