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Back when Trump was president, there was plenty to criticise: his policies, his racism, the fact that he incited a deadly insurrection…

And now that Joe Biden is in the White House, Trump supporters are looking for ways to pick apart the president – though it’s not going down as well as they might expect.

Earlier this week, Amy Kremer, co-founder of the Women for Trump group, tweeted a photo of a White House press briefing. And instead of criticising Democrats for taking four years to follow through on their plan to raise the minimum wage to $15, she decided to go after… an exposed cord.

The photo in question features a cord running along the floor from the podium to the wall, and while that may be a tripping hazard, it’s hardly the massive cause for concern Kremer believes it to be.

“Look how terrible that cord looks going across the floor,” she wrote. “You would have never seen that at the Trump White House. But sleepy Joe will never notice…” Judging by Kremer’s words, safety was probably secondary to finding any imperfections to wield against Biden.

Naturally, the tweet completely backfired, as people mercilessly mocked her for attacking Biden over such an innocuous issue.

Others pointed out that Trump and Republicans were guilty of much worse.

Have we already reached the first tan suit scandal of Biden’s presidency?

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