24 of the best reactions to Joe Biden winning the 2020 election

24 of the best reactions to Joe Biden winning the 2020 election

After days (and days) of counting, the 2020 US election finally looks like it’s coming to an end.

Major networks have called the election for Joe Biden after deciding that his lead in Pennsylvania was too much for president Trump to catch. This took him over the crucial 270 number required to win the electoral college and secure the presidency for four years.

After a divisive election, Americans have flocked to the streets to celebrate Biden’s win, which despite the lengthy counting process, was decisive.

Now it’s time to see whether Joe Biden can achieve the herculean task of uniting the United States, and securing a peaceful transition of power with a norm-defying president.

The news spread round the world in an instant.

Politicians from around the world have offered their congratulations to President-elect Biden.

High-profile Democratic figures could barely contain their excitement.

People were delighted to see the end of Trump as president.

And many are celebrating the historic victory.

Not everyone was as celebratory. The more progressive wing of the party has long perceived Biden to be more moderate than they would like.

Thought turned to what the candidates were feeling after hearing the news, and there were a lot of jokes

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