After four long years of a surreal Trump administration, it seems much of America finally breathed a sigh of relief as his final moments as president came and went and Joe Biden was sworn in to take his place.

It comes after an extremely tense presidential campaign, punctuated by an unprecedented global pandemic which heightened the stakes even further. Even the election itself was a complete departure from the norm, with ballots being counted for days before it was eventually called for Biden.

In the past two months we’ve faced an outgoing president who consistently tried to discredit the election result with zero evidence, culminating in a deadly insurrection at the Capitol led by Trump supporters hoping to overturn the result.

It almost seemed like the day of Biden’s inauguration would never come, but here we are.

Kamala Harris’s swearing in was historic in its own right, as she took office as the first ever woman of African American and South Asian descent to hold the position.

In attendance were former presidents and first ladies – including Barack and Michelle Obama and Hillary and Bill Clinton – with Donald and Melania Trump notably absent.

For many people – from influencers to politicians – it was a truly exciting and emotional event.

Biden addressed the nation for the first time as president by calling for unity, leaving people hopeful for a new beginning.

His speech was bookended by Lady Gaga’s rendition of the national anthem and Garth Brooks singing ‘Amazing Grace’. The event also featured Jennifer Lopez singing ‘This Land Is Your Land’ and poet Amanda Gorman giving a powerful reading, and people had a lot of thoughts.

Bernie Sanders – and in particular his choice of attire – also had a moment.

And – because there’s always a meme – people revived the old classic: Joe Biden on Parcs and Recreation.

There’s no denying this was a historic and moving day in too many ways to count, so we’ll leave you with the words of the break-out star of the show, Amanda Gorman: “Somehow we weathered and witnessed a nation that isn't broken but simply unfinished. There is always light. if only we're brave enough to see it.”

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