Biden ridicules Trump with 'brutal' take on his trademark MAGA baseball cap

Biden ridicules Trump with 'brutal' take on his trademark MAGA baseball cap
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Is the slogan on Joe Biden's election victory baseball cap aimed at Trump?

The internet certainly thinks so.

People are interpreting the phrase "we just did", which is emblazoned on the cap Biden is wearing in a picture shared by his wife Jill on Twitter, as a response to Trump's infamous campaign slogan, "make America great again".

The cap also sports the number 46: when he is sworn into office in January, Biden will be the 46th president of the United States.

People are obsessed with Biden's subtle dig at Trump.

His implication, if we're reading this correctly, is that defeating Trump was necessary to truly restore America to greatness.

And that the Biden team did just that.

There's lots to love about this picture: the fact that Dr Jill Biden's name comes before her husband's on their sign, the fact that they've scribbled out the 'vice' in front of 'president', the fact that, because of the election's outcome, this celebratory picture could be posted at all.

But despite all of that, it was Biden's cap that really stole the show.

It seems people have had enough of the 'MAGA' days, and it's time for a new administration to take over.

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