Bill Cosby is going to jail and people are overjoyed that a perpetrator of sexual abuse is actually facing justice for their actions.

A judge in Pennsylvania has jailed the US comedian for three to ten years for sexual assault.

Cosby, 81, has been categorised as a sexually violent predator, resulting in him undergoing counselling for life, as well as being listed on the sexual offenders’ list. His request for bail has been denied, and he’s been fined $25,000 as well as prosecution costs.

It took 60 women coming forward, as well as Andrea Constand’s bravery, to finally get the conviction.

Needless to say, people on social media have been celebrating the victory.

However, for some, the sentence isn't enough.

Others said it was symptomatic of rape culture.

While others made the point that there are white people out there who haven't faced consequences.

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