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FOX News finally sacked star host Bill O'Reilly after allegations of sexual harassment in the workplace.

Just hours later, a panellist made an astonishingly sexist remark to a female co-host.

FOX News Channel's The Five is co-hosted by Kimberly Guilfoyle, who is also a legal analyst and respected panelist herself.

And co-host Greg Gutfeld (also the host of FOX's The Greg Gutfeld Show) insinuated that Guilfoyle's wardrobe choice was giving Americans an erection.

During an on-air round-table discussion, male panelist Bob Beckel complained about not being listened to properly.

Guilfoyle joked to Beckel: "Waah waah, crybaby. Go call your camp counselor".

Beckel responded: "Call your dressmaker".

(No, we're not sure why her dress is relevant to a discussion about American immigration laws, either.)

Guilfoyle fired back that she would be giving her dressmaker a raise.

And then Greg Gutfeld jumped in with this:

You are giving America a raise!

(The implication being that her outfit was causing male viewers to experience an erection).

Other panellists seemed stunned into silence, while Guilfoyle responded: "Oh my God!"

Twitter was less than amused.

Of course, there was the inevitable gem of this type...

...But in general, the response can be classified somewhere between disbelief and disgust.

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