Everyone is obsessed with Billie Eilish singing the new James Bond theme

Billie Eilish has released her theme tune for the latest James Bond film and the internet has thoughts aplenty.

It’s hard to believe the teenager would have any interest in the Bond franchise but perhaps Drake, her friend in his early 30s, turned her on to the movies. Or maybe the involvement of Phoebe Waller-Bridge as a screenwriter means Bond is no longer the product it once was and it might just attract an entirely new type of fan.

There’s also the chance that the singer is keen to take on the role as a means of placing herself in the company of legends like Sir Paul McCartney, Madonna and Garbage (the latter’s Bond theme an underrated gem by one of the great British bands of the last 25 years).

The song, "No Time To Die", was written in three days and will be performed at the Brits by the holy trinity of Eilish, Hans Zimmer and Johnny Marr. The people of Twitter, as is their wont, had opinions.

Naturally, this being the internet, there were some haters but they were definitely outnumbered by the fans.

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