Binface, Beany and Elmo: How did the quirky election candidates fare?

Binface, Beany and Elmo: How did the quirky election candidates fare?
Count Binface Party came sixth in the poll in Richmond and Northallerton, which former prime minister Rishi Sunak held for the Conservatives (Temilade Adelaja/PA)
PA Wire/PA Images - Temilade Adelaja

From Count Binface and Captain Beany, to Elmo and a pub in Richmond – here is how the quirky General Election candidates have fared in the count.

Count Binface, a self-described intergalactic space warrior, was gunning for Rishi Sunak’s constituency seat in Richmond and Northallerton, pledging to voters in his manifesto to introduce national service for former prime ministers and invite European countries to join the UK.

While Mr Sunak retained his seat with 23,059 votes, the Count, running for the Count Binface Party came sixth in the poll, following Green Party candidate Kevin Foster, with 308 votes from constituents.

Binface wrote on X, formerly Twitter, that it was his “highest ever finish” in an election and his “highest ever parliamentary vote”, saying “#BindependenceDay has come”.

While counts and declarations were under way, Mr Sunak appeared to have a run-in with another electoral candidate who had also set his sights on the North Yorkshire constituency seat – YouTuber Niko Omilana.

While Mr Sunak gave a speech following the declaration of the count in Northallerton, independent candidate Mr Omilana held an “L” printed on a piece of paper behind his head.

General Election 2024Independent candidate Niko Omilana holds an ‘L’ behind Rishi Sunak during his speech at Northallerton Leisure Centre (Temilade Adelaja/PA)PA Wire/PA Images - Temilade Adelaja

Mr Omilana earned 160 votes, coming in eighth place behind Count Binface and fellow independent candidate Brian Richmond.

Another weird and wonderful Westminster-hopeful who set their sights on the seat of a party leader was Elmo, otherwise known as Bobby “Elmo” Smith, who zeroed in on Sir Keir Starmer’s constituency seat in Holborn and St Pancras.

While the independent candidate came in 12th place in the results, earning the least amount of votes at 19, social media users enjoyed seeing his red costume next to Sir Keir on stage during the Labour leader’s victory speech.

General Election 2024Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer (left) gives a victory speech watched by Nick the Incredible Flying Brick (second right) and Bobby ‘Elmo’ Smith (right) (Stefan Rousseau/PA)PA Wire/PA Images - Stefan Rousseau

Freelance journalist James O’Malley wrote on X, formerly Twitter: “I love that Starmer is giving this speech next to a guy dressed as Elmo.”

Another X user said they were “laughing out loud at Starmer doing an impassioned speech about democracy while sharing a stage with Elmo”.

While Elmo did not fare too well in the count, another quirky candidate with a particular love of baked beans managed to score 618 votes from constituents in Aberafan Maesteg, Wales.

Captain Beany, who stood as an independent in the General Election and who started out in politics in 1991, came sixth place in the constituency, beating Heritage Party candidate Rhiannon Morrissey.

General Election campaign 2024Captain Beany won 618 votes in the General Election (Captain Beany/PA)PA Media - Captain Beany

Another unlikely candidate throughout the campaign was that of a pub in Richmond, running under the party of The Mitre TW9 – the name of the hostelry.

Candidate and pub landlord Chris French, who previously told the PA news agency that he put himself forward to stand in Richmond Park to “get the free advertising on 77,000 ballot papers”, received 349 votes in the count.

Mr French, who said he would be “absolutely chuffed” if he got at least 5% of the vote because this would mean the £500 deposit candidates are required to pay would be returned to him, fell sort of the threshold with 0.7%.

General Election campaign 2024London publican Chris French found a creative way to advertise his business by registering his pub as a political party (Chris French/PA)PA Media - Chris French

However, Mr French and his pub came sixth, beating Social Democratic Party candidate Richard Harrison by more than 100 votes.

Last, but by no means least, senior druid King Arthur Pendragon graced voters in Salisbury, Wiltshire, for the fifth time on during this year’s campaign.

Independent candidate Mr Pendragon, who previously told PA that he wanted to bring “spirituality” and the virtues of “truth, honour and justice” to politics, also came sixth in the constituency with 458 votes.

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