The RSPCA has appealed for help to trace the owner of a “tricky to catch” peacock seen strutting around a residential street in Birmingham

Footage posted on Twitter by RSPCA inspector Herchy Boal showed the bird, which has been helping itself to food from local vegetable patches, flying onto the roof of a property in the Handsworth area of the city.

Ms Boal said: “We were made aware of a peacock who was wandering around the Farcroft Grove area of Birmingham.

“He seems quite happy and is strutting around the gardens and helping himself to homegrown veg but we’d like to try to catch him so we can get him back to his owner or find him a suitable home.

“He appears to have some string caught around his leg but is flying well so has been a bit tricky to catch.”

The RSPCA inspector, who said the peacock could be re-homed if an owner could not be traced, added: “I made enquiries locally and I’ve left a card at one home who we believe may own him.

“We hope that someone might be able to confine him in a shed or outbuilding so he doesn’t fly away when we try to move him.”

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