Man who told everyone to invest in bitcoin eight years ago now lives a life of luxury

A Black man wearing a blue jumper and white collared shirt sits in his office, talking directly to the camera.

A businessman from Chile has been showing off his new lifestyle on Instagram – eight years after he told people on YouTube to invest as little as $1 in the cryptocurrency, Bitcoin.

Several photos shared by Davinci Jeremie on the photo app show him on helicopters and private jets, or onboard yachts in the ocean.

In a video posted to his channel in May 2013, Jeremie said: “A lot of you are sceptical, a lot of you don’t believe in the bitcoin system – that’s fine, you can stay on the sidelines.

“But if you really, really want to become wealthy in the future, I would suggest you take one freaking dollar. One dollar. Buy some bitcoins, put it in a goddamn wallet, put it f**king away.

“If it goes to nothing, who cares? You only spent a dollar … The way I see it, that will be worth a million dollars just in inflation, once bitcoin gets to where it’s going to be.”

Now, in 2021, Jeremie has regularly reminded his followers of his past prediction, wearing a t-shirt saying ‘I told you so’ and posting a series of photos on Sunday with the caption: “Did you buy $1 in bitcoin?”

His latest post on Instagram comes despite a reported crash in the price of bitcoin, with an initial crash taking place on Wednesday following an announcement from Chinese regulators that payments in cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin would be banned.

The measure will not affect individuals owning their own bitcoin, however.

A day before the price plummeted, Jeremie was continuing to call on his followers to invest in bitcoin, and is still stressing the cryptocurrency’s potential.

On Tuesday, he tweeted: “Do the impossible and buy and hold bitcoin for long-term like retirement. Your risk is the same as an asteroid hitting the planet, thus it’s a good bet.”

A moment of silence, everyone, for the YouTube viewers who will only now see Jeremie’s 2013 in their recommended feed.

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