Black Lives Matter just launched a $3m Covid relief fund

<p>Man waves Black Lives Matter flag</p>

Man waves Black Lives Matter flag

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The Black Lives Matter Global Foundation is debuting a $3m (£2,122,000) relief fund seeking to support Black people and areas hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic.

The Survival Fund, as it being called by the organisation which was established in 2013 was introduced at the beginning of the month, as reported by the Associated Press.

Patrisse Cullors, co founder and executive director of Black Lives Matter spoke to the AP on Tuesday, saying it “came from a collective conversation with BLM leadership that Black folks are being hurt the most financially during the pandemic.”

“I believe that when you have resources, to hoard them is a disservice to the people who deserve them,” she added.

Inspiration for the fund came from their grassroots understanding that Black people were the most affected by the financial downturn caused by covid. AP reporting confirmed that over 300 people had been accepted onto the scheme.

Records show that Black Lives Matter raised $90 million (£63.8 m) in 2020 to combat police brutality and systemic racism following from the summer’s protests sparked by the unlawful killing of George Floyd.

The organisation aims to $1,000 (£708) to people most affected by the pandemic, who can apply for a grant by logging on their website and filling out a form. Anyone who identifies as Black is able to apply. Preference for funds will go to transgender people, single parents and ex offenders.

Payments are deposited directly into the applicant’s bank account or via prepaid debit cards. The scheme is being run through UpTogether, a scheme run by the Family Independence Initative, which is another service doling out money directly to people on low incomes.

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