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A police officer who handcuffed and searched two black men without their consent also answered 'f*** you' when they asked him his name in Decatur, Alabama.

The incident was caught on camera by an onlooker and has had more than 28,000 views since it was posted to YouTube on May 28 by The Free Thought Project.

Dizzy Dez, CEO of Wave Rydaz Entertainment, told the Free Thought Project that he and his colleague, Sa'Von Hobbes, were filming with a video camera when a police officer approached them and asked that they put their hands in the air, before proceeding to handcuff them.

Dez said that police officer was reportedly called to the scene because someone saw what appeared to be a man holding another man at gunpoint. Neither Dez nor Hobbes had a gun, however, they were filming with a video camera at the time.

Speaking to the Free Thought Project, Dez said:

I asked her, ‘Was I being detained?’ She says ‘no’ but proceeds to put me in handcuffs as I ask then why am I being cuffed.

Dez then said that he refused to answer any more questions, citing his rights under the Fifth Amendment, and the officer then proceeded to respond by searching him without his consent.

At this point, the video begins, and Dez asks the officer who searched him for her badge number and name, before asking for her supervisor. In response, the officer says:

What do you need a supervisor for?

Dez then responds:

Because I was just unlawfully searched.

I don’t understand why I was just searched, why my information was pulled out of my pocket for no reason.

The officer then says:

Because she can do that.

But, in response, Dez says back:

But she doesn’t have the right to do that.

I’m detained under no reasoning. I haven’t committed a crime… She went in my pocket though, and she’s not supposed to go in my pocket. That’s a search.

Then, the officer begins to get offensive:

You don’t really know half the s*** you’re talking about.

As she walks away, the officer responds:

No, you don’t. You’re a f****** idiot.

At that point in the conversation, Dez asks the police officer for her name and badge number, and she simply responds:

F*** you.

In the video, Dez can then be heard saying:

What’d you say?

She then fires back:

'F*** you' is my name.

Dez has said that he is seeking an attorney and that he will file a complaint.

indy100 has contacted the City of Decatur, Alabama, for comment.

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