Nurse who dressed in blackface as Beyoncé fired from her hospital

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NBC host Megyn Kelly’s morning show was cancelled after she defended blackface during a segment about Halloween, and now a nurse has been fired after she dressed in blackface for the holiday.

Shelbi Elliot-Heenan and her husband Jasmond Heenan, from Missouri, decided to dress up as Beyoncé and Jay Z for Halloween.

However, rather than putting effort into the costumes and choosing an iconic look or time for R&B’s resident couple, they decided instead to paint their faces black.

Elliot-Heenan painted her face a brown-orange and wore a short, silver skirt and black top. Her husband took blackface further by painting his skin a darker shade and painting his lips pink, the look reminiscent of the minstrel shows of the horrible slave trade era in America.

She posted the picture on Facebook and, according to KCUR, a classmate from Raymore Peculiar High School identified the man as her husband.

Saint Luke's, the hospital she works for in Lee's Summit, launched an investigation after being made aware of the photo. A day later, a spokesperson for the hospital stated she no longer works for them:

While it is against Saint Luke’s policy to comment on specific personnel matters, we can confirm that this individual is no longer a Saint Luke’s employee.

Saint Luke’s is deeply committed to our culture of diversity and inclusion. It is fundamental to who we are as an organisation and we vigorously protect it on behalf of all our patients and employees and expect those who represent us to do the same.

Wearing blackface is racist because it originates from minstrel shows in America - comedic shows specifically designed to dehumanise black people and perpetuate negative stereotypes.

Stop wearing blackface. Just stop.

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