Blake Lively's birthday Instagram pictures of Ryan Reynolds are about more than just the cute cake

Ah, the feeling of being so attracted to your partner you think you might fall over.

Turns out it’s not just limited to us normal people; the beautiful and glossy are affected too.

At least, judging by the way actor Blake Lively chose to celebrate her birthday on social media.

The movie star turned 33 on 25 August and her husband, fellow star Ryan Reynolds, sweetly marked the occasion with what looked like a very homemade cake.

But it wasn’t the delicious baked goods that caught Blake’s attention.

Much like the rest of us, her attention was elsewhere.

Aka, her husband’s extremely defined biceps.

Which Blake proceeded to zoom in on.


And closer.

She captioned the final shot ‘Happy birthday to me’ and frankly, why not.

People were envious.

However, not everyone was that impressed by Reynolds’ choice of birthday outfit.

Well, Blake seemed to like it at least.

And let us all know.

Birds do it, bees do it… even A List stars do it!

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