Boris Johnson mercilessly ridiculed for new 10pm pub curfew

Boris Johnson mercilessly ridiculed for new 10pm pub curfew

While the UK government has doled out its fair share of contradictory advice recently, its latest rules surrounding the coronavirus had people rolling their eyes.

In order to curb the coronavirus as cases across the UK are again spiking, pubs and restaurants will close at 10pm starting Thursday.

Boris Johnson is expected to fully lay out the measures on Tuesday evening when he addresses the public, as the UK's Covid-19 alert level moved to 4 – meaning transmission is "high or rising exponentially".

The measure had already received backlash across social media for being seemingly arbitrary, with very few people convinced a 10 pm curfew would actually do much to stop the spread.

“Wait, so the government's theory is that the thing that's spreading Covid is the bit between 10 and 11pm in pubs? And not that test & trace is a shambles and they've told us all to go back to work,” one Twitter user wrote.

A parody Boris Johnson account said, “Here is the new guidance to stop the second wave: start drinking an hour earlier.”

This comes after the government's chief scientific adviser Sir Patrick Vallance has warned there could be 50,000 new virus cases a day by October without further action. We hope the government has a more in store than a pub curfew and to say work from home "if you can" to slow the second wave.

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