Andrew Neil’s interviews have become a staple of any UK election cycle.

The BBC veteran is hailed by both the left and right for his interview technique, which rarely leaves any stone left unturned.

This election cycle, we saw Neil become the first interviewer to make Nicola Sturgeon appear like a fish out of water, when he challenged Scotland’s First Minister on her NHS record.

Then it was Jeremy Corbyn’s turn. Throughout his grilling, Corbyn struggled to explain his spending plans and was criticised for refusing to apologise to the Jewish community for Labour’s handling of antisemitism accusations.

The next interviews are scheduled to feature Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson and Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage.

But, surprise, surprise, there’s one person missing!

The BBC confirmed on Twitter that Boris Johnson has not yet confirmed a time for his interview with Neil.

Afterwards, reports circulated that Johnson might skip the interview altogether. This comes after Channel 4 said Johnson pulled out of a scheduled leaders’ debate with Jeremy Corbyn.

Naturally, people are furious that the prime minister is avoiding scrutiny.

People criticised the BBC and Johnson for allowing a situation where the PM can drop out at the last minute.

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