Boris Johnson's BBC Breakfast interview was excruciating for so many reasons

Boris Johnson's BBC Breakfast interview was excruciating for so many reasons

Boris Johnson's has this morning appeared on BBC Breakfast as part of the Tories continued election campaign and let's just say it wasn't his finest moment.

During his lengthy chat with Naga Munchetty, the prime minister stumbled over a range of questions and continuously mentioned the Labour party despite being asked not to.

One of the oddest moments from the interview occurred when Munchetty asked Johnson about the NHS and the last time he was in need of using the health service, a question tied to a report revealing that A&E waiting times are now worse than ever.

Racking his brain, Johnson came up with an odd story about getting glass in his foot when making a barbecue. He said:

I have a wonderful hospital in Hillingdon, Uxbridge, which I represent. Foolishly I was making a barbecue and there was a bit of broken glass on the ground...a cafetiere. Very sharp bits of glass.

I was jumping up and down and a piece of glass shot straight up into the bottom of my foot and it was absolute agony and Hillingdon were incredible.

Munchetty asked Johnson when this was to which he vaguely replied 'last year' and added the caveat that his family use it "all the time."

As you can imagine, people have found this story to be rather suspicious.

As the interview went on some of Johnson's recent gaffes from his election campaign were brought up such as his disastrous attempt to mop up floodwaters, the way he makes a cup of tea and asked to show how he was relatable to working-class people.

In all honesty, the only person who came out of this looking any good was Munchetty, with some saying that she should now be prime minister.

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