Welcome to another turbulent week in UK politics.

Prime minister Boris Johnson is once again attempting to get his Withdrawal Agreement through the House of Commons. Though not everyone is happy with the government’s plan for the vote.

Leader of the House, Jacob Rees-Mogg has indicated that the government plans to have the bill passed at all stages by Thursday, meaning that MPs will be expected to vote on the bill later today having had under three days to read it in its entirety.

The bill is over 100 pages long and is, of course, hugely significant to the UK’s future.

Given the fact that this text will affect British people for generations to come, people from across the political spectrum aren’t happy about the lack of scrutiny the government intends the bill to receive.

Considering there seemed to be time to hold a Tory leadership contest and prorogue parliament, it seems like very little time for such significant legislation to be debated.

The House of Commons will vote on the timetable for approving the Withdrawal Agreement later today, with many MPs expected to vote against the government's timetable to allow more time for scrutiny.

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