'Hero' woman takes apart Boris Johnson's 'vague' coronavirus guidelines with just one question

'Hero' woman takes apart Boris Johnson's 'vague' coronavirus guidelines with just one question

It's fair to say that Boris Johnson and the UK government's new guidelines on what we can and cannot do during lockdown to prevent the spread of coronavirus has left many much more confused than ever.

The new slogan has had to be reinterpreted so many times it's almost already become irrelevant and MPs who have attempted to explain it have only found themselves getting in even more of a muddle than before.

In an attempt to clear up some of this confusion and misunderstanding, the prime minister used the government's daily press conference to answer questions from the public on the issue.

One of the most eye-opening moments was when a woman named Pooja from Solihull, Birmingham asked the prime minister:

Yesterday, you left the country with more questions than answers. When lockdown initially started you very specific about what needed to shut down and when.

Why have you been so vague about who can start back at work and which businesses can reopen this week?

When will the British public receive further clarity on this?

In response Johnson said:

I think the frank answer to your excellent question is that we've had to make a big change in our lives over the last couple of months and everybody's got the clarity of the message.

What we've said is basically 'stay at home.' The British public heard that loud and clear and in the UK, people have stayed at home overwhelmingly and that's been a good thing in terms of delivering our ability to combat the disease and get the rate of transmission down. 

It's obviously a very simple message; 'stay at home.' It's obvious when you come to take smaller steps back to normality, which we are now, that clearly the message because finer and more complicated. 

I hope Pooja that when you are listening to us tonight you are getting what we are saying. We are saying that if you can't work from home, talk to your employer about getting back to work and we are insisting that it has to be safe to work and safe to get there. 

We're also making some changes to exercise. Other than that, Pooja, things are pretty much as they have been and they will be until we make further progress.

So, there is a rather long way of the PM channelling his predecessor and saying that 'nothing has changed' which he probably should have said in the first place.

Pooja, who only had a brief moment to ask her question but managed to get a response out of Johnson that everyone had been asking for the last 24 hours, quickly saw her hailed as a hero by those watching.

There were also several references to the Indian model Pooja Misrra and her infamous meltdown on Big Boss in 2011, India's version of Big Brother.

At the time of writing the UK has confirmed more than 32,000 deaths from coronavirus and more than 223,000 infections from the disease.

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