Boris Johnson kept mentioning someone named Dido in his latest rambling appearance and people were very confused

Boris Johnson kept mentioning someone named Dido in his latest rambling appearance and people were very confused

By now, a Boris Johnson appearance is guaranteed to result in some bizarre quote or confusing detail.

His stint in front of the government liaison committee on Wednesday was no different; during the session – in which Johnson was grilled by a cross-party selection of senior MPs – the prime minister seemed not to be aware of the infamous ‘no recourse to public funds’ rule for migrants, laughed when asked about the gender equality and asked people to “move on” from the Dominic Cummings debacle.

He also mentioned ‘Dido’ a lot.

So much in fact that some began to think the name ‘Dido’ was a codeword.

Whereas others immediately joked that Boris was merely expressing a fondness for Noughties dinner party queen, the singer Dido.

Memes quickly followed.

Alistair Campbell was quick to point out Dido’s potential aptitude for a job in politics.

Others wondered which other pop talent had been drafted in at this crucial time.

Examining Dido’s back catalogue also turned up some relevant hits.

Even other MPs got stuck in with the gags.

However, the identity of the actual Dido that Johnson was referring to is a little less glamorous.

He was talking about Baroness Dido Harding, a Tory peer who has been appointed to oversee the new NHS track and trace programme.

Harding’s name might be familiar – she was the former CEO of telecoms company TalKTalk who presided over the company during a major cyber attack that saw 160,000 customers have bank details and credit card numbers exposed.

Harding was criticised in the wake of the incident for taking an increased salary, despite profits at the company being halved as a result of the data breach.

Harding is also on the board of the Jockey Club, the body that was forced to defend its decision to allow Cheltenham Festival go ahead during the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.

These details did not go unnoticed as it was announced Harding would be leading a project that seeks to handle millions of personal details from UK citizens in order to stop the spread of coronavirus.

Perhaps the other Dido might actually have been a safer bet?

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