Yesterday saw disturbing and violent scenes on the streets of London as far-right protesters descended on the capital.

Under the guise of “defending statues” which were defaced or removed by Black Lives Matter protesters the previous weekend, the protesters engaged in xenophobic chanting and were filmed attacking police. Some were even seen doing what appeared to be a ‘Nazi salute’ near a war memorial.

The far-right groups had gathered in London to “counter protest” a second weekend of Black Lives Matter protests, but these protests were called off at the last minute. The statues these groups claim to be defending were also boarded up for safety, so it’s unclear why the "protest" was necessary.

People on social media have described the protest as “white power marches” and “overtly racist”. The rioters were overwhelmingly white and male and onlookers said many of them appeared to be intoxicated and eager to instigate fights with police, journalists, the public and even each other.

Boris Johnson went on Twitter and called out the protesters, saying that “racism has on part in the UK”.

But people weren’t exactly thrilled with Johnson’s response.

People pointed out that numerous tweets were posted condemning Black Lives Matter protesters. And Johnson even posted an eight-tweet thread explaining why people who don’t agree with statues of slave traders and are wrong and why people who think Winston Churchill was racist are wrong too. In the thread he also urged people to stay away from the BLM protests entirely.

Here it is…

So with this in mind, people aren’t happy that far-right racists, who were violent towards police, seem to have been called out less by the PM than anti-racist protesters.

Perhaps someone should tell Johnson that it's going to take a lot more than one solitary tweet to scare off violent racists?

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