16 terrifying Boris Johnson quotes everyone should read before they vote

Boris Johnson's general election campaign continues to be marred with controversy both from disappointing MPs within the ranks of the Conservative Party and with questions surrounding his long history of problematic statements and comments.

Johnson's slow and incredibly public rise to the UK political top spot has, from the off, not been without criticism as his past repeatedly comes back to haunt him. Whether it's the casually racist phrases he's used when speaking about minorities, to moments where he's been caught in the midst of a barefaced lie, it's safe to say that whenever the PM opens his mouth things are eventful.

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Previously during the Tory Leadership contest Johnson's critics were incredibly vocal regularly citing his past comments about Muslim women, false claims he made about Brexit and his diplomatic blunders as reasons why he should not be prime minister and just the week the leader has once again come under fire following comments he made into two separate articles, one of which regards single mothers and their children and another which is laden with racist stereotypes and undertones.

In the former he moans that the children of a single mother are “ill-raised, ignorant, aggressive and illegitimate”, and bemoans "the single mother's desire to procreate independently of men." In the latter article when speaking of young people he claims they have an "almost Nigerian interest in money and gadgets of all kinds."

Here is a list of controversial comments made by the prime minister in the past.

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