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A man on Twitter revealed an interaction he had with his sexist boss, in which a woman wearing a great t-shirt in a LinkedIn picture was called “slutty.”

A Canadian man called Sawyer took to Twitter to reveal what happened. A group of men, including his boss were gathered around a computer when he overheard something along the lines of: “I don’t get how women can complain about how they get treated when they do s**t like this.”

This prompted the Twitter user, who up until that point hadn’t really been paying attention, to turn to the computer and asked what they were talking about.

He outlined the interaction in a thread:

The LinkedIn photo showed a picture of a woman in a grey t-shirt - what was the problem? he asked

His boss clicked on the image to make it full size but Sawyer still didn't get the issue

"'Slutty' is obviously a dumb af hypermisogynistic construct, but let me repeat - it was a headshot of a woman wearing a gray t-shirt"

So...what's the problem??

After 10 minutes of back and forth, Sawyer finally got the awful reason the woman had been labelled slutty

Sawyer included: "A woman has her smiling face on her profile. A man she has never met sees it and instantly feels rage and disgust. He believes she invites and deserves harassment/assault. All because she dared to be attractive in a public space."

@ men: Don't you ever ask women why they're afraid again.

Women (and men!) were shocked

One father of girls thanked him for sharing the story

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