If you've just tuned in, don't worry, you haven't missed much. In a nutshell, Brexit is no closer to getting sorted, Boris Johnson is now PM and we're currently hurtling towards a general election on 12 December. Ok, that's qutie a lot, but we're still broadly in the same turmoil filled political boat we were in six months ago.

As we approach one of the most crucial general elections in decades it's fair to say that current prime minister Boris Johnson is a character that divides opinion. No more so than for his past comments where he's managed to effect more or less every area of society with exception to his Tory base.

The video is from an old interview on The Andrew Marr show, in which Eddie Mair grills Johnson on some of the controversial moments from his past is particularly enlightening. Johnson tries to dodge the questions, making for a very awkward moment. Have a look for yourself in the clip below.

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