Tory MP ridiculed after comparing Boris Johnson's return as prime minister to The Lion King

On Monday, Boris Johnson returned to his role as prime minister after making a full recovery from coronavirus and addressed the nation.

In all honesty, Johnson really didn't have much to say other than comparing the virus to a violent assailant and claimed that the lockdown had been 'successful.'

It was hardly the rousing speech that many would have expected on the leader of a nation but then again he has been ill so maybe we should let him off.

That being said some of Johnson's colleagues in the Tory party were clambering over each other to praise Johnson, who you think would have made the most remarkable return since Lazarus.

However, this praise was almost timid in comparison to Robert Halfon, the MP for Harlow in Essex, who compared the prime minister to a lion, in a simple but completely over the top tweet.

As you can imagine, Halfon, who we no doubt was tweeting with the best intentions, soon received a barrage of ridicule for this bold comparison.

That's not just any lion either. That is Mufasa from Disney's latest version of The Lion King, a character who (spoilers) is killed by his envious brother but reappears as a spirit in the clouds to guide his offspring.

Here's the trailer just to prove it.

More levels to this tweet than you thought, right?

In response, Halfon said:

It was fun meme to welcome back the PM who had a serious episode of the coronavirus. 

There are better things to get so worked up about or even 'woked up' about. Titania McGrath would have a field day.

Perhaps the twitter trolls have a bout of cabin fever from the lockdown.

PS those who keep retweeting the lion from the Wizard of Oz, I suggest they read the book or watch the film.  That lion becomes very brave.
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