People are criticising Boris Johnson for recruiting man behind 'racist' Zac Goldsmith mayoral campaign

Narjas Zatat@Narjas_Zatat
Thursday 27 June 2019 08:45
Picture:(Oli Scarff/AFP/Getty)

Boris Johnson has drawn criticism for hiring the man behind Zac Goldsmith’s “dog whistle” and “racist” London mayoral campaign in 2016.

Mark Fullbrook will be the campaign chief executive for the prime minister frontrunner, and this latest news comes as Iain Duncan Smith, the former Conservative leader and a fierce Brexiteer, was appointed as Johnson’s campaign chairman.

Fullbrook worked alongside Johnson in his bid for London mayor, and Theresa May hired his firm to run her 2017 snap election.

A Labour source told The Independent: "Mark Fullbrook was a key architect of Zac Goldsmith's vile dog-whistle campaign in the 2016 mayoral election - widely condemned as the most racist campaign in modern British history."

The campaign against Sadiq Khan was widely criticised for apparent Islamophobia

Johnson is being criticised heavily for this latest decision

Fullbrook was a partner of the election strategist Sir Lynton Crosby Baroness Warsi, the former Conservative co-chair criticised Goldsmith’s campaign at the time, calling it a “appalling dog whistle campaign” and added that the Tories lost the election and “our reputation and credibility on issues of race and religion.”

Accusations of racism and Islamophobia has plagued the Conservative party, and the Muslim Council of Britain said the Tories “fundamentally failed” to tackle to issue.

The head of public affairs, Miqdaad Versi, spoke at the Home Affairs Select Committee earlier this month. He said: “We have seen, unequivocally, failures within specifically the Conservative Party when it comes to Islamophobia - not just small failures [but] fundamental failures in every single way.

I'm talking about leadership within the party... I'm talking about issues when members of Parliament have done certain things and no action has been taken against them.

I'm talking about when councillors and representatives of the Conservative Party have said or done things which are inappropriate and unacceptable.

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