Of all the Britpop bands that flirted with politics, we would have guessed that maybe Pulp or possibly Oasis would have made the boldest prediction about the future.

However, it turns out that Tim Burgess, frontman of The Charlatans, probably had the best insight into what 2019 would be like and, unfortunately for us, he was scarily accurate.

In a tweet posted on November 9, 2015, Burgess predicted that in the future Trump would be president and Boris Johnson would be prime minister and they would both talk to each other from their different types of pools.

50 per cent of Burgess's tweet has so far come true. All he needs now is for Johnson to win the Tory leadership contest and he'll have the full set. We can't comment on the jacuzzi or ball pool.

Given the recent goings on in British and global politics, this tweet has now reemerged and everyone made the same joke.

Burgess has since responded to the tweet, stating that it was supposed to be a joke but now it is real life (almost).


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