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At the end of this week, Britain will no longer be in the European Union as Brexit will finally happen.

Although Boris Johnson and the government will tell you that they have 'Got Brexit Done' there are actually still 11 months of trade negotiations to deal with, so that little catchphrase is already quite misleading, which isn't a word that we usually associate with Brexit, is it?

That being said, to commemorate that occasion, as if it was something to be proud of, Chancellor Sajid Javid has finally unveiled the much talked about Brexit 50 pence coin, which will go into circulation on Friday.

The coin bears the Brexit date of October 31st and the slogan:

Peace, prosperity and friendship with all nations.

A reported 3 million coins will be released on the 31st, after a reported one million coins were forced to be melted down last year after the UK failed to leave on the second scheduled departure date of October 31st.

Javid though is hoping the coin can come someway to marking this history event. He is quoted as saying:

Leaving the European Union is a turning point in our history and this coin marks the beginning of this new chapter.

However, not that the reality of Brexit is starting to be fully realised by everyone, not everybody is too keen about the existence of the coins and some of vowed to never use one and throw them away.

However, a more thoughtful and worthwhile response has been developed by some who are vowing to give any of the coins they receive to a charitable cause.

Others also thought that Javid looked a bit like Gollum from Lord of the Rings in the picture. We'll let you decide...

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