A remarkable video is doing the rounds on Twitter in which Guido Fawkes reporter Tom Harwood is seen attempting political predictions for the BBC juxtaposed with what actually came to pass.

Cut together using the music from Curb Your Enthusiasm (since everything is made better with a hint of Larry David), the video shows prediction after prediction wildly off target as evidenced by the headlines used to intersperse the political commentary.

There has been much talk in recent years of the public being sick of “experts” but on this occasion it is entirely understandable. Harwood does not seem like the next Nostradamus and it might be best if he accepts that we are living in the most unpredictable timeline and give up on the prophecies.

Harwood's grand predictions for Johnson's premiership are edited together with clips of Johnson losing vote after vote in the commons, being refused a general election and, of course, the Supreme Court ruling his suspension of parliament "unlawful". As far as burns go, this is about as scorching as it gets.

Naturally, the hilarious video went down a storm on Twitter.

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