Sky News reader sums up the ‘apocalyptic’ state of post-Brexit Britain in just 17 seconds

Sky News reader sums up the ‘apocalyptic’ state of post-Brexit Britain in just 17 seconds

Britain has been dealing with the consequences of Brexit for less than a year now and it’s safe to say that it isn’t going too well.

A combination of the Covid-19pandemic and numerous foreign workers returning to their home countries has left many industries struggling to meet demands and stay afloat.

Britain is currently experiencing food shortages in supermarkets and fast food restaurants whereas pubs such as Wetherspoons are at the risk of running out of beer due to a lack of HGV drivers and the situation isn’t likely to improve any time soon.

Even major international companies like Ikea are struggling to keep supplies arriving in their stores and food industry experts now believe that the worker shortages could lead to price hikes on food.

It really is starting to look like the so-called ‘Project Fear’ predictions are coming home to roost.

When reporting on the aforementioned price increase on food, Sky News presenter Ian King managed to sum up the current state of England, specifically, in what he called the ‘most apocalyptic terms.’

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Speaking on Friday King said: “When expressed in the most apocalyptic terms, England has become a country where the pubs have no beer, farmers don’t have anyone to pick their fruit, & even if they did there aren’t enough lorry drivers to get it to the shops.”

King’s brutal assessment of Britain, just nine months after it left the European Union has been viewed more than 300,000 times on Twitter alone, with many praising his frankness and others criticising the powers-that-be for getting the country in this situation in the first place.

Things can only get better...right?

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