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A former teenage switchboard operator at the communications headquarters for the D-Day landings is being awarded the highest French decoration – and she’s got some tough words to say about Brexit.

Marie Scott is being awarded the country’s Legion d’Honneur at the age of 92 years old.

As part of the 75th anniversary of D-Day this summer, she will travel to Normandy with a group of 30 other war veterans and will officially be presented with the award by a French general.

Chatting to Channel 4 News reporter Jon Snow about her job as an operator, and Europe, she said:

I love Europe, I love the idea of being part of Europe. I’m sorry if that offends anybody, but I do.

I feel that those men that gave their lives [in WWII] I think a lot of them would be horrified if they felt it was in vain.

If we just became, I don’t know, it’s political, and I’m not a political animal.

I feel for them. I do. I would like to see it resolved in a way that will satisfy those who love Europe, and those that love England.

Her words resonated with many people online.

Snow went on to ask her: So you haven’t enjoyed Brexit?

"Not a bit," she responded.

If you mention Brexit, I shall…[laughs]. No, all I will say [is]: Europe is… certainly not perfect. But Europe is essential as a unified structure.

Marie, when she was younger

Ms Scott was 17 years old when she was involved in listening to and collecting messages for Operation Overlord at Fort Southwick, Portsmouth, during the Second World War.

The 92-year-old, from New Malden, is receiving the award for her role in helping to liberate Western Europe from the Nazis.

She said: “I am truly overwhelmed to receive the Legion of Honour for the part we played in the D-Day landings.

“Very few women have received this medal and it is a true honour.

“Being officially presented with the medal at the Pegasus Museum on 5 June surrounded by a group of Second World War veterans will be a very moving experience.”

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