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With everything that is going on in the world at the moment, it's easy to forget that Brexit still hasn't been fully completed. But there are a few things that have started to change.

While Boris Johnson was waving around a packet of 'Tim Tams' and boasting about how much the economy was going to be boosted by a deal with Australia, people began to receive the new blue passports that Brexiteers have longed desired.

However, as new passports began to drop through people's letterboxes people were shocked to discover that they weren't blue at all... but black.

Cue reports that many Brexiteers were furious at the colour of their new passport and being deprived of their precious blue. One even reportedly said that the passports were:

Really poor quality, flimsy and thin, and the edges are peeling.

It's safe to say that an instance like this, which really doesn't seem worth getting upset about at all, is the perfect metaphor for Brexit where people voted for something then became more and more irate when they realised that things were being taken away from them. In the grand scheme of things, the colour of a travel document doesn't really matter but people couldn't help but draw comparisons.

It's also possible that that the passports were always going to be black and there was little evidence to suggest otherwise.

Still, at least we've got some delicious Tim Tam's to tuck into now...

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