Andrew Neil, Michael Portillo and Liz Kendall dance for Brexit at the end of This Week. Yes, really

Despite all the upheaval in parliament this week, Brexit is still set to happen on March 29, unless the EU approve of an Article 50 extension.

While we wait to see what transpires with all of that, it does mean one thing... that Andrew Neil and his guests will continue to dance at the conclusion of This Week on the BBC.

Why are they dancing? Who knows, but they are vowing to dance at the end of every episode until Brexit happens, which at this rate could see them dancing for a long time to come.

As you can imagine, seeing a 69-year-old Neil and Michael Portillo dance to reggae music like two drunk uncle's at a wedding isn't what we wish to see in 2019, or at any point in history.

That being said, Liz Kendall, the Labour MP for the Leicester West, had some very good moves and will probably be on the next series of Strictly off the back of this performance.

Yet, jokes aside, is this really what the UK has been reduced to? A sort of reluctant enjoyment of dystopia enacted by five individuals who are refusing to go home, despite the party finishing five hours ago.

It's like the last days of Rome. A Caligulan descent into oblivion where we have lost all sense of decorum and dignity and say, "You know what? This truly is hell, so let's embrace the rapture while the horns are blaring."

Others didn't find it quite as distressing as this writer, but it was certainly a surreal spectacle and people didn't know what to think.

It's possible that Primal Scream lead singer, Bobby Gillespie had the right approach to this way back in October.

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