Brexiteer David Davies branded a 'liar' during bizarre exchange with pro-Leave campaigner

Brexiteer David Davies branded a 'liar' during bizarre exchange with pro-Leave campaigner

What was the moment where you finally realised that Brexit was some sort of surreal dream that no one could escape?

Perhaps it was long before the referendum or maybe it was the many times that Theresa May's deal was rejected by the Commons?

To be honest there are dozens of examples that we could point to but this moment between Tory MP David Davies and a pro-Brexit protestor outside of parliament is unlikely to be topped.

Davies, who is a Brexiteer and campaigned to leave the EU was confronted by the woman shortly before he was due to speak to BBC Wales about the rise in abuse aimed at MPs.

The woman is reportedly known as Based Amy and is a known pro-Trump and pro-Brexit activist.

The exchange almost proved the point that he was about to talk about as she accused Davies of being a 'remoaner', a 'liar', a 'snowflake' and not a Brexiteer, clearly unaware of who he is.

To his credit, Davies initially responded very calmly to the woman until he told her that he voted for Theresa May's withdrawal deal.

The woman becomes incensed by Davies' revelation and begins to admonish him further. This all builds to a somewhat tragic crescendo when the MP for Monmouth, South Wales eventually becomes so exasperated he literally has to sit down on a wall to compose himself. Before working up the courage to accuse the woman of having a 'big mouth' and 'sitting behind a keyboard.'

We can confirm that in this instance the woman was not sitting behind a keyboard although it's entirely likely she has sat behind the typing tool at some point in the days, weeks and years preceeding this encounter.

The BBC Wales clip has already been viewed over 600,000 times on Twitter and people can't quite actually believe what they are seeing as it paints a very sorry picture of Britain in 2019.

Some politicians have even come to Davies defence, complimenting him on how he handled the situation, adding that he and other MPs deserve better.

At least some people found something to laugh about.


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