There are few politicians that are as active on Twitter as Labour's David Lammy, but with that comes its problems.

Being such a prominent politician can attract trolls, naysayers and those looking to get one over on the MP for Tottenham, who is one of the biggest opponents of Brexit in parliament.

Given that Brexit has now been delayed until the end of October, the furore seems to have died down a little - but Brexiteer's like Andy Wigmore, the communications director for Leave EU, aren't going to let us or MPs forget it.

In a tweet that Wigmore posted on Monday, he used a popular new Twitter challenge that dares users to share their first five jobs, no matter how good or embarrassing they were.

Except Wigmore managed to get things a little wrong and, rather than list his own jobs, he decided to list Lammy's. But he clearly hadn't done much research and instead just lazily listed politician five times before encouraging people to vote for the Brexit Party.

How witty and funny! Really nailed it there, Andy. Great work.

Rather than ignoring this and allowing Wigmore to have some fun at his expense, Lammy decided to reply to him by listing the actual first five jobs he had - none of which were in politics.

Quick question? Whose more of a 'man of the people?' The man who once worked in KFC or the guy who was a former diplomat for Belize and has a picture of himself with Donald Trump as his Twitter picture?

Needless to say, people couldn't get enough of Lammy's reply and it served as a major lesson to anyone who was contemplating a crafty dig at the Labour MP on Twitter.

Amazingly, Wigmore didn't learn his lesson and came back with this reply.

Great job sweetie. You're doing amazing.

HT The Poke

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