You don't really need me to tell you but Brexit is a real mess at the moment and it doesn't look like it's going to solve itself anytime soon.

Just trying to explain Theresa May's draft agreement to someone who might not have been following the news is hard enough but imagine trying to explain it in sign language?

That's the prospect one sign language interpreter on BBC News was faced with yesterday when she was trying to say exactly what went down in the Commons yesterday.

Footage of the woman was captured by actor and writer Ell Potter and shared on Twitter yesterday and subsequently went viral as a perfect physical interpretation of the chaos.

British Sign Language does require grammar to be expressed through head and hand movements while facial expressions and body posture can also be added to further illustrate emotion and tone.

It's fair to say that she absolutely nailed the state of the UK in just 12 seconds and people are loving it as maybe the most accurate analysis of Brexit ever.

HT Evening Standard

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