Brexit: The best memes from a day of chaos in British politics

Brexit: The best memes from a day of chaos in British politics

We think we can all agree at this point that Brexit was a very bad idea and we've all made a terrible mistake.

The government is in absolute chaos, ministers are resigning left, right and centre and Theresa May's leadership stands on very thin ice.

Still, it wouldn't be British if we didn't keep a stiff upper lip about the whole thing and laugh it off in some strange attempt to keep face.

Over on Twitter, among all the commotion and hubris, there have been some hilarious memes floating around.

Let's start with this wonderful play on words by David Baddiel.

There were plenty of gifs joking that Brexit is some sort of cataclysmic disaster.

There were plenty of jokes about the numerous cabinet resignations.

Oh no! Not you as well Larry.

Not today Patisserie Valerie!

We can only imagine how Theresa May is feeling right now.

At least she learned how to dance.

Then there is Jacob Rees-Mogg who is flexing his political muscle by submitting a vote of no confidence against Mrs May.

Now comes the debate on if May should go, who will lead us next?

Will Brexit ever happen?

This sign language reader pretty much sums it all up.

Just remember that none of this would have ever happened if Ed Miliband knew how to eat a bacon sandwich properly.

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