Tory Brexiteer says she has no guilt over Northern Ireland because it is ‘miles away’ from her constituency

Tory Brexiteer says she has no guilt over Northern Ireland because it is ‘miles away’ from her constituency

A pro-Brexit MP has said she does not feel any guilt about the effect of Boris Johnson’s deal on Northern Ireland because her constituency is “miles away” from it.

Boris Johnson’s deal has been widely-criticised for effectively creating a customs border between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK, angering the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) - the Conservatives’ supposed allies in parliament.

On Sky News, Kay Burley suggested to Andrea Jenkyns, a Conservative Brexiteer, that the DUP had been “thrown under a bus” by Johnson’s Brexit deal.

When Burley asked her if she felt any guilt about that, Jenkyns replied by arguing that she cares more about her constituents than people in Northern Ireland.

Jenkyns said:

I get on very well with the DUP but I listen to my constituents at the moment and they are sick of being held hostage by Remainers in parliament. They want us to get on and deliver so I’m standing up for my constituents…

I understand why [the DUP] voted against… my constituency is miles away from Northern Ireland so I don’t blame them for fighting for what they believe in but I'm fighting for my constituents...

The argument suggests that some Tory Brexiteers do not see Northern Ireland as their problem because it will not affect their re-election chances.

Understandably, people had a lot of thoughts about an MP for the Conservative and Unionist Party dismissing part of the UK so insensitively.

If you are wondering what the problem in Northern Ireland is with Johnson’s deal, here’s the DUP’s Sammy Wilson - who explained his party’s objection with a blistering speech on Tuesday.

It looks like Johnson has managed to get a Brexit deal, but he's got it by destroying his relationship with his only allies in parliament...

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