Theresa May's EU withdrawal agreement has been defeated for a third time by the House of Commons by a margin of 58.

This now brings the Brexit date forward to 12 April, but it is a marked improvement for the prime minister maligned deal, as former opponents have clearly changed their minds.

Earlier this week, May had stated that she would step down from her role if her deal was passed, which might have convinced some to vote for her deal.

After hearing that her deal had been defeated by 286 to 344 votes, the PM seemed resigned to the fact that her deal is dead and admitted to the house "I fear we are reaching the limits of this process."

This led to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn urging May to step down and hold a general election, a sentiment echoed by the SNP leader Ian Blackford.

Shortly after the result of the vote was announced, the European Council president Donald Tusk announced that a European Council will be called on 10 April.

As it stands, a no-deal scenario is likely but there is a line of thought that a much longer extension to the negotiations and a possible custom unions Brexit could happen.

The potential of a second referendum could still happen but, at this time, it really is a baffling conundrum that people can't quite get their head around.

While we wait to see what happens next, let's just enjoy all the jokes on Twitter as the world around goes topsy-turvy.

Many people weren't very complimentary about Theresa May's vote, which now seems to have gone the way of the dodo.

This is what May's peers, actual British politicians have had to say about the deal falling through for the third time and the general Brexit malaise.

Even God has lost his patience...

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