Steve Baker tweeted a video of the 'Brexit Express' steam train travelling backwards and everyone made the same joke

If you needed further proof that this country is completely losing its mind there is now a literal steam train called the 'Brexit Express'.

The train, which according to it's website is funded by city financier Jeremy Hosking, aims to support the UK's departure from the EU and to ensure that there is 'no backsliding on Brexit.'

It was first set up prior to the 2016 referendum and continued as a post-campaign in the 2017 general election. Now they have their own train, for no apparent, other than it being an accurate representation of their name.

However, it looks like the train is a better representation of Brexit than what they would have hoped, thanks to a video from Tory MP and Brexiteer Steve Baker.

40-year-old MP Baker, who along with former Brexit secretary David Davis was at York station to see the train, posted the video to Twitter, however didn't seem to see the symbolism in the fact the train is moving in reverse.

It was hardly the most spectacular advert for the locomotive and unfortunately for the Brexit Express, Baker's little video soon went viral for all the wrong reasons.

Firstly, the train, like Brexit is going backwards.

Secondly, this is a type of transport that hasn't been relevant since the 1950s and is quite damaging to the environment. How fitting for a country with a serious nostalgia problem.

To make matters even better the Saddleworth Express, who photographed the train as it went through their village, reported that it was running late, a bit like the failing idea that it is named after.

Maybe Chris Grayling was in charge of it?

Meanwhile, the EU is travelling into space, whilst the UK is travelling back in time.

It really is the perfect Brexit metaphor.

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