James O'Brien says Brexiteers are 'blaming the Queen because the only alternative is to blame themselves'

James O'Brien says Brexiteers are 'blaming the Queen because the only alternative is to blame themselves'

Sooner or later someone is going to have to take the blame for Brexit, with the whole apocalyptic mess falling right on their head.

For the moment, hardcore Brexiteers seem a little reluctant to take the wrap on this one, as, after all, who would want to be responsible for bringing an entire country to its knees?

Instead, the Brexiteers, in their infinite wisdom, are now pointing the finger at the Queen, the Royal Family and whoever happens to work for them.

After the Cooper-Letwin bill was passed in the Commons, which will no effectively stop the UK leaving the EU without a deal, Brexiteers were up in arms that the bill was given royal assent.

This started with Andre Lilico, a Brexiteer economist, who was apoplectic that the Queen had done such a thing and posted several angry tweets, voicing his dismay, labelling the monarchy 'not fit for purpose' and the bill 'constitution-violating abomination'.

This was followed by Brexit campaigner and former UKIP member who claimed that despite being an 'ardent royalist' she was 'bitterly disappointed'.

As you can see from those few tweets, Brexiteers are completely rattled about all this and as already mentioned it appears they are now attempting to pass the buck to the Queen as they aren't getting the Brexit they wanted.

This ridiculous line of thinking was perfectly summed up by LBC Radio's James O'Brien who surmised that Brexiteers are now prepared to literally blame anyone else but themselves.

On his show on Tuesday, O'Brien said:

You'll remember when I used to say to you, 'where will the blame go next?'

I used to joke that they are going to blame Lily Allen, Gary Lineker, JK Rowling, they are all going to get the blame. 

Now it's the Queen. You think I'm joking? Andrew Lilico who is an economist, of sorts, tied to the ERG, whenever they are looking for a cloak of plausibility, he has tweeted today that this is the monarchy's fault.

Suzanne Evans, again this shrinking band of figures who cheerlead for Brexit their entire lives she said that [what Lilico said] is 'spot on.'

They are blaming the Queen for the current mess because the only alternative is to blame themselves. 

It means that the delusion is now completely next level, that the idea of who are we going to blame now, whose fault can it be.

What is the alternative to turning around and saying sorry, like Peter Oborne did yesterday? 

They now have three choices: either carry on unicorning, which would involve pretending that no-deal is going to be anything other than a catastrophe.

Or they can say sorry, made a mistake, perhaps things could have gone differently but they haven't. It would be an act of unconscionable national damage to carry on with this utterly unmandated lurch into oblivion.

Or you've got option three which is to say 'I could have got away with it if it wasn't for you pesky kids' and that of course poses the question of which pesky kids? And now they've gone for the Queen.


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