Brexit: Guy Verhofstadt responds to Kate Hoey with a simple fact after being called an 'unelected bureaucrat'

It's fair to say that the EU have not been pulling their punches this week and, like most of us, are sick to the back teeth of Brexit.

This all started with Donald Tusk pondering whether there would be a 'special place in hell' for those that promoted Brexit, and was continued by Guy Verhofstadt, who questioned whether Brexiteers would even be allowed into the underworld.

Both comments sparked a lot of uproar and fury from Brexiteers who felt the statements were highly disrespectful and insulting.

Kate Hoey, the outspoken Labour MP for Vauxhall, added her voice to the outrage and responded to Verhofstadt's comments by wondering how Margaret Thatcher would have reacted to 'these unelected bureaucrats'.

Verhofstadt wasn't too impressed with Hoey's comment and decided to point out a rather obvious fact that, as an elected official herself, she should have been aware of.

The Belgian was elected to to the Europen parliament in July 2009 and was the prime minister of Belgium between 1999 and 2008, so he knows a few things about winning elections.

Hoey was prepared to accept that fact and came back with a classic Brexiteer response.

Not missing an opportunity to revel in some Brexit-themed schadenfreude, people were quick to thank the EU's Brexit negotiator, with some even stating that they would vote for him.

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