Brexiteer Tory MP Peter Bone shut down twice after misquoting Donald Tusk's 'hell' comment

Brexiteer Tory MP Peter Bone shut down twice after misquoting Donald Tusk's 'hell' comment

The Tory MP and ardent Brexiteer, Peter Bone, was shut down twice in the Commons after voicing his displeasure at Donald Tusk's 'hell' comment.

The 66-year-old MP for Wellingborough spoke out against Tusk after the European Council president admitted that he had been wondering "what the special place in hell looks like" for those who promoted Brexit without a clear plan in place.

Bone didn't take kindly to Tusk's words who felt that the statement was insulting to British politicians, the government and the people of Britain.

Since the PMQs has begun, the president of the European Council has said there is a special place in hell reserved for Brexiteers.

I don't recall, sir, any president insulting the members of this house, members of the government and the British people in such a way.

What means are open to the house or the government to respond to such a completely outrageous insult?

Speaker John Bercow didn't quite see it that way and seemed bemused that Bone had reacted so 'delicately' to Tusk's comments.

I'm not responsible for the statements of the president of the European Council and I didn't know, I was not hitherto conscious that the honourable gentleman, the member for Wellingborough was notably sensitive.

That he was in any sense a delicate flower. That he was capable of being a quickly and severely injured soul by virtue of the ad hominem remarks of others.

If in fact, it is the case that he has been developing a sensitivity and he feels insulted, well, then I'm sorry for the right honourable gentleman.​

Bercow concluded by saying that he held Bone in the highest esteem because he took 'parliament seriously' before a point of order was raised by Joanna Cherry of the SNP.

The MP for Edinburgh South West took Bone to task on his comment by pointing out that Tusk's comment wasn't aimed at all Brexiteers just those that had handled the negotiations so badly.

Can I respectfully suggest to you Mr Speaker that you respectfully suggest to the member for Wellingborough, that he maybe wishes to go beyond the headline on the BBC in future?

Because what the European Council president Donald Tusk actually said is, and I quote, 'There is a special place in hell for those who promoted Brexit without even a sketch of a plan for how to carry it out safely.'

Well, Mr Speaker, sometimes the truth hurts, doesn’t it?

Bone was one of the most vocal MPs to back a Leave vote in the 2016 referendum, campaigning alongside Nigel Farage and co-chairing the Grassroots Out group.

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