Brexit: Guy Verhofstadt wonders if Leave campaigners would be 'welcomed into hell'

On Wednesday, the European Council president Donald Tusk raised eyebrows after he wondered what the special place in hell for Brexiteers would look like.

The controversial comment came during a press conference with the Irish Taoiseach Leo Vardkar, the day before a crucial meeting with Theresa May.

Tusk's biblical take on Brexit sparked debate with some feeling that he stepped over the line, while others felt that it was an accurate take on just how badly Brexit has been handled.

For the EU, the fire and brimstone themed portrait of Brexit didn't end there.

A few hours later, Guy Verhofstadt, the EU's Brexit negotiator, tweeted that he was unsure whether some key Brexiteers would even be allowed into the underworld for fear that they would somehow manage to divide that too.

The smiley face emoji at the end really is the cherry on top of the cake, isn't it?

However, while Tusk's comment garnered some support, many felt that Verhofstadt's fell short of the mark.

Many MPs and Brexiteers were quick to condemn the tweet, which kinda played into their hands.

Even some Remain voters weren't impressed.

At least some people thought it was good.

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